How to succeed with Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs

More than 60 years ago, Peter F. Drucker, aka the father of management, declared that the purpose of a business is to create a customer. Drucker’s mantra is more relevant than ever but many businesses seem to struggle with the concept that the customer is the ROI of the customer experience. The effort you put into creating a pleasurable interaction between your business and the customer will either get you ahead of the pack or so far behind it, you won’t even see the pack.

What is the Voice of the Customer (VoC)

The Voice of the Customer empowers you to elevate the customer experience. A VoC program is a process that allows you to systematically listen to your customers, put that feedback into action, and review your performance while doing so. If your aim is business and revenue growth then you should be striving for a great customer experience.

Why implement a Voice of the Customer program

A VoC program is the differentiating factor between a great, good, or bad customer experience. Effective voice of the customer practices will allow you to track down the customer journey and identify the key points within it. Listening to real-time feedback from your customers will help you build a customer-centric organization which is structured around your customer’s needs and expectations and is maximizing profits as a result.

How to build an effective Voice of the Customer program

The VoC is a resource indicating the adaptive steps towards success for the business enterprise. When building a VoC program remember that you should engage in a continuous conversation with the customer.

6 key points to consider when building a Voice of the Customer program

Multiple communication channels

Interact with your customers at their leisure. Give them the chance to engage in conversation with your brand through different communication points (sales, customer service, on site, etc.).

Multiple types of data

Capture multiple types of data (such as identity data, quantitative data, qualitative data, etc.) across the available communication channels to get the big picture. The easiest and fastest way to collect data is through customer surveys.

Integrate insights into your CEM platform

Integrating data into the same platform will allow you to better manage and act on the feedback.

Analyze data

Real-time data requires real-time analysis to generate the best insights for your business.

Act on data insights

Data analysis should provide actionable insights for your employees and other stakeholders. Transform the insights into preventative or corrective action.

Track down your progress

It is important to monitor the actions you have taken based on customer feedback. This process will determine your ability to deliver ROI goals set by a VoC program.

Voice of the Customer surveys with Surveypal

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