January 10, 2017

Local Survey Platform Hosted in Canada – CivicInfo BC

The customer: CivicInfo BC

CivicInfo BC is a local government information hub in British Columbia, Canada. In its role as a municipal information agency, the organisation is serving the province’s cities, towns and villages as a data aggregator.

The challenge

After being acquired by a foreign company, CivicInfo’s Canadian-based survey platform shut down its operations in the country leaving the organisation in search of a new survey software provider that would comply with Canadian data privacy laws.

The journey

CivicInfo researched the market for an online survey platform that would meet their organisational standards: user friendliness and compliance with Canadian and British Columbia laws that require Canadian data residency.

The solution

Surveypal accepted CivicInfo’s challenge of setting up shop in Canada and the team within a matter of weeks set up servers in the country to provide a solution that addressed the needs and fulfilled the expectations of the customer.

The end result

Surveypal’s quick response allowed CivicInfo BC to continue carrying out daily operations with no further interruptions and retain their business without having to switch to a survey platform that would prove to be time wise costly for the staff.

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