Brand Guidelines

We've created some guidelines to help you use our brand and assets,
including our logo, colors and trademarks.

Surveypal logo

These are our official logos.

logo surveypal-logo-rgb

Download Full-color positive (RGB)

logo surveypal-logo-rgb-reversed

Download Full-color reversed (RGB)

logo surveypal-logo-bw

Download B/W positive

logo surveypal-logo-bw-reversed

Download B/W negative


Surveypal colors

These are our official colors.

Surveypal Blue


rgba(0, 172, 238, 1)

Light Blue


rgba(108, 207, 246, 1)



rgba(34, 39, 49, 1)

Logo Blue


rgba(0, 0, 102, 1)

Press and media kit

Download our logos, our guidelines, and some screenshots.

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