Surveypal® partners with the 2016 Championships of Academic Kyykkä

This year Surveypal® will once again be sponsoring the 2016 Championships of Academic Kyykkä. The event will be held in Tampere, Finland, on February 13. Approximately 4000 students from all over the country will be competing in this traditional team sport (which looks like bowling on ice) to determine the 2016 champion.

The championship organizers will be using Surveypal® to collect feedback from the participants in an effort to measure satisfaction and with the goal to improve the championship in the years to come. The collected feedback will be used to provide actionable insights to create an even better participant experience in the future.

At Surveypal® we are very excited to be part of the 2016 Championships of Academic Kyykkä for a number of reasons. First of all, it is always a pleasure to know that our services will provide value for our users. More importantly, however, we consider it a privilege to support the community in which Surveypal® took its first steps, by sponsoring events and happenings. Many members of Surveypal®’s development team are Finnish university graduates and have participated in the Academic Kyykkä Championships in the past. With this in mind, we are happy to sponsor the yearly Academic Kyykkä Championships and we hope that Surveypal®’s feedback management tool will help the organizers deliver the best experience possible for everybody who participates.

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