You know big data – what about fast data?

You know big data – what about fast data?

Big data and its utilization is one of the hottest topics that there is. The amount of data is not the case anymore, but how to present data understandably, quickly and how to combine sources of information easily.

Times have changed profoundly and the world is more fast-paced than ever. We have Facebook, Instagram and other social media services in our pockets. One could even argue that nowadays everything is media and basically everyone can amplify their message by using different services.

Some of the big data projects are slow, sluggish and too massive.

What we need are ways to gather understanding easily and quickly about the things we are measuring so that we can act upon it. Some of the big data projects are slow, sluggish and too massive. By the time organisations are figuring out the data that they have, it might already be too late. The situation where you can still have effect f. ex. your customer has passed.

Right tools for the job

There are more than plenty of tools with which you can gather information about your customers, employees or market. Every channel is full of different surveys. But what different organizations are lacking is how to communicate that information and how to act upon it.

So what we really need is both big data but also fast and actionable data. For example, let’s say that you get bad service at your doctor’s. Wouldn’t it be nice that they would call or send a message straight away when you have given them feedback about the process?

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