It is easier than ever to integrate Surveypal with over 350 services

Easy integration with several services has been one of the strengths of Surveypal since we started. We’ve always supported integrations to bigger systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Over the months we’ve continued to add and improve our integrations to help make our customers’ processes smoother. I have to admit that keeping up with all of the new services and integrations is pretty hard work.

Today Zapier (kind of a hub for web services) announced collaboration with Surveypal making it easier than ever to integrate Surveypal over 350 services easily and fast.

Zapier is almost as simple to use as Surveypal ☺. You choose the service you want to use as a trigger (like Surveypal), then choose an action for that trigger. For instance, we created a feedback form with Surveypal and everytime the form is answered it will automatically send a twiit in Twitter. It only took a few minutes to set up.

Check out Surveypal on Zapier to explore more use cases here: Integrate Surveypal and Zapier

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