Surveys as tools for event management

Surveys as tools for event management

Event management is a complicated and demanding process. Many factors determine the success of an event but the human component always prevails. If you manage to create a highly satisfying event experience your attendees will beg for more.

This is where feedback management comes into play. You can utilize surveys during all event stages. The analysis of the data you collect can provide valuable insights, limit the possibility of contingencies, and determine success. With Slush16 just around the corner, here is a list of what we have learned so far by delivering survey solutions for event management.

Pre-event surveys

  • aid the organizational process of day-to-day operations
  • help anticipate and manage stakeholders’ expectations

During-the-event surveys

  • engage event participants
  • measure first impressions
  • create marketing ROI through lead generation & engagement options
  • generate buzz about the event via social media channels

Post-event surveys

  • collect attendee feedback on the overall experience
  • use results to benchmark against similar events

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Sointu Karjalainen

Chief Marketing Officer