How to become your customer’s Valentine

Valentine’s Day is here. We are all, more or less, familiar with the drill. Search for a romantic card. Purchase heart shaped chocolate boxes. Make a last minute reservation at a busy restaurant and so on. Successfully complete the previous tasks and proceed to win your Valentine’s heart. Around this time of the year, many… Read more »

Surveypal in 2016: A year in review

It’s been a year of challenges and opportunities, but one thing is certain: Suveypal has had a very exciting 2016. This past year marked the beginning of the end for Surveypal’s first decade in the business world and it has, in many ways, paved the way for our 10th anniversary in 2017. With that in mind,… Read more »

What is the employee Net Promoter Score and why it matters

If you are invested in customer experience you are by now familiar with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the benefits of systematically tracking it. The NPS, however, has a younger sibling, the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) which is just as useful to track. What is the employee Net Promoter Score The Net Promoter® Score… Read more »

Surveypal® launches a new, secure Enterprise Survey solution for Canada

JANUARY 2017 Surveypal is investing in Canada to comply with Canadian data privacy laws SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 3, 2017 – Surveypal Inc. announces the launch of its secure, enterprise survey solution in Canada, designed for Canadian Government and Enterprise users.  This solution is compliant with Canada’s Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and… Read more »

4 lessons Santa can teach you about Customer Experience

Christmas is right around the corner. The general merriment and enthusiasm are very hard to miss and kids around the globe are all wondering “What will Santa bring me this Christmas?”. For a grown up, that question does not merit the same enthusiasm as Santa’s arrival usually involves a grumpy adult in a red suit and… Read more »

Surveys as tools for event management

Event management is a complicated and demanding process. Many factors determine the success of an event but the human component always prevails. If you manage to create a highly satisfying event experience your attendees will beg for more. This is where feedback management comes into play. You can utilize surveys during all event stages. The… Read more »

Why start-ups need to focus on customer experience

Undeniably, exceptional customer experience correlates with growth. The previous statement is very important for start-ups because it allows for customer-driven scalability. Most start-ups, however, neglect the customer experience and only focus on the product. Your overall success depends on your ability to bring in new customers while keeping already existing customers satisfied. This is why… Read more »

5 tips to get the most out of online surveys

Surveys are a valuable tool that generates actionable insights for any business. That is, if utilized correctly. It doesn’t take a guru to create an effective survey. All it takes is some attention to detail and a checklist to follow. Here are five tips to help you build successful online surveys:

The road to CEM is paved with integrations (Zendesk integration)

Unless you live under a rock, you are by now aware that customer experience management is all that jazz. The way you handle your customers can make or break your business. Simple, right? Consistently deliver exceptional customer experience, sit back, and enjoy the monetary fruits of your labor. Wrong! The problem lies not within your intention… Read more »

How to act on NPS feedback

Customer experience and customer relationships are more relative than ever. In an era where the customer is the focus point, more and more organizations, from corporations, to non-profits, to government agencies, are using the simple and elegant Net Promoter® Score to determine customer loyalty and future growth. The NPS ranges from -100 to +100 and the… Read more »