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employee satisfaction surveys

Keeping tab on workforce morale with employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys are the first step towards assessing employee morale, satisfaction and engagement with the company. Unfortunately, the mere assumption that your employees love their job and are happy with their work environment will not get you very far with creating a better, more inspiring work place.

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Työntekijöiden pulssittainen fiiliskysely

How to instantly boost your HR game with employee pulse surveys

Employee pulse surveys are rapidly becoming the most popular tool to gather employee feedback. Companies are realizing the value of satisfied employees and the undeniable correlation between employee engagement and business growth.

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Who owns the voice of customer

Who Owns the Voice of Customer: Success Starts at the Top

Your ability to understand how to meet customer expectations has a significant impact on business strategy and overall success. A voice of the customer program provides you with insights that help deliver a superior customer experience. So, who owns the Voice of Customer?

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ROI of Voice of Customer

How to Calculate the ROI of your Voice of Customer Program

Customer experience practitioners often ask the following question: “How do you measure the monetary value of a Voice of Customer program?”. The simplest way to answer that question is the following equation: Happier customers = increased profitability At a macrolevel evidence shows that companies exhibiting an ongoing commitment to the customer experience show higher percentages of growth rates […]

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voice of customer metrics

Voice of Customer Metrics: A Guide to Success

A Voice of Customer (VoC) program is in essence a process which allows your company to capture feedback from different channels, analyze and act upon it to improve the customer experience. However, one of the most challenging aspects of setting up a VoC program is to establish which metrics to track.

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