Partner with Surveypal

Empower your clients with Surveypal’s survey software with full integrations, support, and earn revenue.

Grow your business with us

We are devoted to helping you as a Partner. We’ll make it easier for you to help your clients improve customer experience.

Why partner with Surveypal?

You get new sources of revenue

You can collect on as many clients earning as much new revenue as you can possibly manage. The way we figure it, if you’re earning, we’re earning. The percentages depend on which partner model you choose.

You get training and sales support

Because a partnership should be a two-way street, we offer you the tools, training, and resources you need to deliver value for your clients and grow your business.

You can enhance the value of your service

Being a Partner will increase the appeal of your platform to those who already know and trust the Surveypal brand. Your clients, in turn, can increase their own success by easily measuring CSAT, NPS and CES.

You get free Surveypal license

At Surveypal, we understand the value of our partners and strive to make you succesful. Free Surveypal licenses enables you to start collecting feedback instantly from your customers.

Ready integrations to Zendesk, Salesforce and ServiceNow

If your customers already use these platforms, we have the best integrations for you to provide.

Doing Business With Surveypal

Surveypal partners can demonstrate their relationship with Surveypal by using the partner badge. The Partner Program is for solution providers, resellers, systems integrators and service providers. Once you get accepted into the program, you get your badge and a broad range of benefits that grow your business.

Pick the best partner model for you

You getBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum
Free Surveypal Licence
Revenue share
Partner support and training(online)
Integration support
Dedicated Channel Manager
Marketing and Promotion
Sales enablement
Annual revenue ($)20k100k250k
Certified Professionals125

Trusted by hundreds of companies including

Surveypal is trusted by hundreds of companies including Clio, Deloitte, TransferWise, THINX, American Solar Direct and IKEA.