Zendesk surveys

Create beautiful customer surveys with Surveypal and
map the survey responses directly into Zendesk.

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Start asking the right questions

Targeted in-app and email surveys based on behavior.

Review feedback in your Zendesk Insights dashboard, personalize
your questions, set alerts, and instantly act on any issue.

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Capture insights directly from your customers’ inbox

Personalize and send multiple-question surveys directly from Zendesk. Offer survey takers a beautiful and consistent experience in any inbox.

Email inbox survey on an iPhone.

Team up on customer feedback

Assign feedback notifications to your team members

Create automatic workflows and email alerts based on location, responses, role and more. Make sure every bit of feedback is heard — and responded to.

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Easily Map Data into Zendesk

Use Surveypal mapper tool to quickly point your survey data to the right place in Zendesk.

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