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Keti Limani


Keti is a multi-talented content marketer. She is the voice behind Surveypal’s customer experience blog and after working with us for six years she has a few more tricks up her sleeve. But, more importantly, she is one of the few players at the office who can challenge our all-time ping pong champion. Meet Keti.

Hi, I’m Keti. I work as a content marketer at Surveypal. I joined the company quite early on, almost six years ago. The team was much, much smaller back then and it just so happened that I was the only female member, which was an interesting dynamic. I started out as a quality assurance specialist and I was, initially, responsible for testing the software. At the time, I had no idea how the tool worked and I was pretty much thrown in at the deep end from the get-go. It was a challenge, but looking back at it I’m grateful because the extra responsibility pushed me to learn to work under pressure and get creative.

I was given a chance and it got me where I am now

I was quite young when I started working for Surveypal. As a young professional, you often find yourself doubting your abilities or talents. And I think everybody has experienced that to some extent. Luckily, practice makes perfect and experience helps you find your stride. I started growing as a professional alongside Surveypal. It has been a great ride so far and I am excited to find out what the future holds. A couple of years after I was hired at Surveypal, I became reacquainted with an old friend of mine: marketing. I asked if Surveypal would be willing to let me tell stories through marketing and I got the green light to do so. They took a chance with what I was proposing and let me grow my skills towards a field I felt passionate about. In my book, that is the definition of fostering employee growth.

We are collective

Hands down the best thing about working at Surveypal is that everybody has your back. People are there to help, whenever you need them to do so. People are willing to give you their time and knowledge. That is how we do things around here and it has always been like that. A supportive work environment liberates you. It turns mistakes into learning opportunities. It allows you to be creative and try new things or approaches. It makes success a collective effort that benefits every single member of the team. I’ve been working at Surveypal for years and not once have I woken up in the morning thinking ah, I don’t want to go to work today.




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