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Aleksander Cardwell


Meet Aleks, our go-to integrations specialist. Aleks works as a product manager at Surveypal. And what does he do? He helps our sales team, in Finland and internationally, deliver the most value out of integrations to our customers. His journey at Surveypal started in the heart of Silicon Valley at the end of summer 2016. Currently, Aleks works in Finland.

Hi, I’m Aleks. My journey with Surveypal started a little over a year ago. I had a connection to the company and was asked to attend an interview for a position in Surveypal’s office in San Francisco. After a couple of interviews, I was welcomed to join the group of pals at Surveypal. My flight took off from Helsinki-Vantaa airport only a few days after accepting the position. And so, I head out to San Francisco. Back then, I viewed San Francisco as a laid back and chill place but the reality turned out to be quite different. Of course, life outside the office was relaxed and featured late brunches during the weekends, but, the pace at work was fast. The scene is so competitive you have to act fast and work hard to be able to stand out.

Work hard and stand out

In San Francisco I used to spend my day at the office until all the work was done. I went there for work and my job was a big part of my life so, it felt kind of natural to work long hours. I moved back to Finland this fall and I am currently located in Helsinki though I still work side by side with our international sales team. My main responsibility is to support customers and our sales teams with integrations. A little over a year ago, I would not have thought that I would, now, know as much as I do. The support of my co-workers and their willingness to help has been irreplaceable. Of course, some of the learning happened through trial and error, but that is a natural part of the learning process. Practice makes perfect and mistakes help you learn. At Surveypal you are never alone with your problems. You can always talk things through with another pal. All in all, our work culture is awesome. We work hard but then again, we also take the time to blow off some steam playing ping pong. My co-workers are genuinely supportive. As I mostly work remotely I don't have as much face-to-face time with my pals, but it is always nice to come to the office and catch up with everyone.

Feedback Aleks

Knowing that you help customers achieve something they might not have been able to do by themselves is always rewarding. A few weeks back I had a case where I walked a customer through the steps of getting started with our Zendesk integration. After the work was done, I received an e-mail with the subject: Feedback Aleks. The customer had been so satisfied with the work that we had done that they took the time to write a few kind lines and a thank you about the co-operation. Those are the moments when all the hard work pays off, and it’s genuinely the most satisfying feeling to hear that the customer is truly happy about the help and support we have provided them with. It feels amazing to be able to create value for our customers.




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Meet the Pals

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