Surveypal for Salesforce

Enhance your CRM data points with Salesforce surveys. Surveypal for Salesforce brings customer feedback into your CRM and delivers actionable insights that improve your business performance, the customer experience and identify opportunities for future growth

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Configure your Salesforce surveys in 4 steps


Create beautiful, cross-device surveys using Surveypal


Map survey data at Surveypal with standard or custom object fields in your Salesforce database


Add the customized survey link in an email template you create in Salesforce


Start collecting feedback with your Salesforce surveys. Surveypal automatically crunches the data and transfers it to Salesforce

Personalized Salesforce surveys

Personalize the survey experience to boost response rates

Add a personal touch to your Salesforce surveys. Surveypal for Salesforce allows you to create branded, user-friendly, responsive surveys. Set up dynamic survey questions and content based on customer data in your Salesforce records – including name, location, agent, and more and boost survey completion rates to get an accurate overview of the customer experience.

Real-time feedback collection via Salesforce surveys

Collect real-time feedback from different touchpoints across the customer journey

Connect with your customers when it matters. Track and measure the experience in key interaction points. Automatically integrate real-time feedback from your Salesforce surveys with your database of leads, customers, and prospects to close the CRM loop. Gain a deeper understanding of your product or service, the needs of your customers, and the value you deliver to them.

: VoC incorporated in your CRM

Incorporate the Voice of the Customer in your CRM

The Voice of the Customer is more relevant than ever. Enrich your Salesforce records by tracking and measuring metrics such as CES and NPS to track your performance. Monitor VoC metrics and start building your own Voice of the Customer program straight from Salesforce to stay ahead of the competition and scale your business.

Salesforce survey responses can be integrated with Salesforce fields

Get the right data to the right person

Gain quick access to relevant data in real-time. Configure Salesforce surveys to integrate survey responses with Salesforce fields. Build workflows that allow for the right data to reach the right person, at the right time, and enable your team to make informed decisions based on feedback relevant for your business.

Take Salesforce Marketing Cloud to a whole new level

Extend the power of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns with Surveypal for Salesforce. Access relevant client information and boost your marketing campaigns. Customize marketing communications based on feedback to create emotional connections with customers and prospects. Create a consistent and meaningful marketing experience by monitoring the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Bring new life to your Salesforce Service Cloud

Automatically trigger surveys after every interaction to track and increase customer satisfaction. Empower customer care staff to access customer information and feedback and improve quality of service and agent performance. Trigger follow up actions based on feedback and deliver proactive support and superior service quality.

Customer feedback belongs in CRM. Use Surveypal for Salesforce to

  • Gather all customer information in the same place

  • Better understand your customers and give them what they need

  • Bring together feedback collected from different touchpoints

  • Trigger automatic workflows and empower your team to make the right decisions

  • Deliver real-time customer feedback to customer support staff

  • Empower your marketing team with feedback data that allows for building personalized experiences

Our customers use Surveypal to create experiences

Surveypal helps more than 10,000 users to implement survey solutions and Voice of the Customer programs into Salesforce and other platforms to boost their customer experience. Join other experts in creating better surveys for Salesforce and other platforms by trying it out yourself!

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