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Automate the process of collecting and tracking customer feedback in Zendesk and proactively manage the customer experience to grow your business.

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Use our Zendesk survey integration to monitor customer satisfaction, reduce churn and boost customer support experience

Get relevant insights and make informed decisions to keep your customers happy and scale your business. Maximize the value of Zendesk today and create a customer-centric organization fueled by actionable feedback data.

Zendesk surveys take satisfaction ratings further

Expand your surveying capabilities in Zendesk to get more detailed and relevant feedback

Get the answers to the questions you really want to ask. Take Zendesk satisfaction ratings one step further and include the questions of your choice in your surveys.
Introduce the Voice of the Customer in your support environment. Measure VoC metrics such as CSAT, NPS, or CES to figure out where you stand with your customers and in which areas you need to improve.

Personalize your Zendesk survey experience

Personalize the survey experience and get more responses

Increase the volume of responses to get well-grounded feedback. Include data from your Zendesk records in the survey link and personalize your surveys to include customer or agent name and more.

Empower your agents with feedback from Zendesk

Empower your agents to perform better and faster

Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional support. Keep your team on top of things by enabling them to track customer feedback by ticket, facility, time of day and more.
Give your agents the means to tap into feedback to tag tickets and capture the root causes of repeat issues.

Real time monitoring for Zendesk CSAT surveys

Monitor Zendesk CSAT survey results in real time and reduce churn

Be there for your customers through the good and the bad. Get real-time access to customer feedback data and immediately take action after receiving bad scores.

Surveypal provides us a better way to tailor the feedback we're sharing internally. We get much more accurate data about our agent performance to improve the customer experience

Mike Martello

Mike Martello
Zendesk system administrator at Venmo

Surveypal provides DealDash an excellent way to gather customer satisfaction feedback in a low effort, data friendly format. This results in a better customer experience and provides faster, more convenient performance feedback to our employees

Mark Lee

Mark Lee
Head of Customer Support at DealDash

Care to see our Zendesk survey integration in action?

What’s good, Surveypal?

Start with this short video about Surveypal and learn how we can help you measure and improve the customer experience.


Hey there, Zendesk!

Get a quick introduction to Surveypal’s Zendesk integration and find out how supercharging Zendesk with NPS, CES and CSAT surveys will help you increase loyalty and grow your business.


Surveypal <3 Zendesk

Explore the main features and benefits of the integration. See how easy it is to enhance customer support experience by collecting and managing feedback straight from Zendesk.


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Put your Zendesk surveys to work

Make your surveys work harder. Engage your customers, boost response rates, automate workflows and maximize the value of Zendesk.

Surveypal allows you to customize your surveys

Customize your surveys and better engage with your respondents

Design your surveys to look and feel like your very own brand and capture the attention of your respondents. Include your logo, brand colors, customized fonts and themes to deliver a memorable brand experience through your Zendesk surveys.

Answering your Zendesk surveys made easy

Embed survey questions in the email invitation to boost response rates

Make it easy for your respondents to provide feedback by allowing them to start answering your Zendesk CSAT surveys instantly.

Automate workflows for based on your surveys responses

Automate workflows to provide quick and easy resolutions:

Automate workflows to save your support team time and effort. Be more efficient and trigger surveys or reopen tickets whenever survey responses correspond with conditions you have already preset in Zendesk.

Create dashboard on your surveys in Zendesk

Create data dashboards in Zendesk and visualize critical information

Let data do the talking and bring all your metrics to the same place. Get an overview of all customer feedback related data without ever having to leave Zendesk. Create dashboards in Zendesk using your survey results and visualize information in easily accessible and understood formats.

SMS CSAT surveys for Zendesk Talk

Are you a Zendesk Talk user? We got you covered.

Take advantage of our Zendesk survey integration and send SMS customer feedback surveys to monitor and track your call center performance and tailor the experience to the needs of your customers.

Choose the right channel to collect feedback. Select between email and SMS, trigger your Zendesk customer satisfaction survey, and reach your customers at their convenience.

Start sending Zendesk customer satisfaction surveys today!

Fast and simple. Set up is easy and does not require IT skills.

Ready, set, integrate

Our team is here to help with onboarding. We’ll guide you through the process of connecting Surveypal and Zendesk and you can start collecting feedback immediately.

Right place, right time

Map survey responses between Surveypal and Zendesk to get customer feedback data to the right hands at the proper time.

Close the feedback loop

Be the company your customers want you to be. Take advantage of feedback data to make informed decisions and improve your business.

Want to find out more?

Check out how DealDash uses Surveypal to track customer agent performance and monitor customer satisfaction survey data in Zendesk.


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Surveypal helps companies to implement survey solutions and close the feedback loop in Zendesk. Get started with collecting and managing customer satisfaction feedback straight from Zendesk today and while at it get the insights you need to enhance the customer experience!

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